Geary 40 release candidate has been released, at long last! It is available to install as a nightly build for testing before the final release:

Please do test it out, and let us know if you find any show stoppers:


#Geary #GNOME

@geary what are the most important changes that we should look forward to?

@maze @Saroufim Ah yes, thanks! That will be the final release notes, a more human-readable version is:

* Visual refresh including updated icon and interface
* Add support for half-screen, portrait and small displays
* Improved performance when displaying large conversations
* Upgraded full-text search engine
* Improved search for languages such as Thai and Chinese
* Improved keyboard shortcuts
* Improved server compatibility
* Numerous bug fixes, interface improvements, translation updates

@geary @maze @Saroufim thanks ! Are there plans to support Protonmail's tags by any chance ? I know it's very specific but it's the only thing thqt prevent me from switching to Geary on my Pinephone...

@nickhaflinger No plans, sorry. Primary Geary development is aimed at supporting widely used and deployed, standards-based features at the moment.

However, if they expose tags via the Bridge using (say) IMAP keywords in the same way as other servers or clients, then if someone stepped up to contribute an implementation, it would likely get accepted.

There's some details about other clients handle it here:

@geary Very interesting, thank you very much ! And thank you for all the work on Geary :)

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